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    If you don’t want to wait around for a Consumer/Business to contact you, you can contact them! You are able to narrow down the number of consumers/businesses by selecting cities in your surrounding areas or using zip codes. You can then filter by what products they are interested in that you offer. This search also allows you to view individual profiles, learn more about them and what it is they are looking for.

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    This feature allows you to add or change the products you have posted to the Marketplace. You can select the type of product, the variety, when it is available, where it is grown/produced, estimated price per pound, and minimum purchase you require.

    Make sure to keep your products updated as this is the most common way consumers/businesses will contact you!

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    Searching by product allows you to find what items are being offered. You can search all available products or type in exactly what you are looking for. You can click on the products you are interested in finding more about and see how many sellers are offering them, their price, and the distance from you.

  • View all Inquiries allows you to see past inquiries sent to you from consumers/businesses and the various communications that could have stemmed from that. This feature helps you keep track of who has reached out and contacted you and who you still need to respond to.

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    View Profile allows you to see the profile you filled out when signing up on the Kentucky Farm to School Hub. You can go back to it at any time to change or update information about your business.

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Agricultural Service Providers of Kentucky
USDA Local Food Hub Directory
  • The Food Hub Directory lists businesses or organizations that actively manage the aggregation, distribution, and marketing of source-identified food products to multiple buyers from multiple producers, primarily local and regional producers, to strengthen the ability of these producers to satisfy local and regional wholesale, retail, and institutional demand. Search for food hubs near you by distance or zip code: https://www.ams.usda.gov/local-food-directories/foodhubs
Produce Auctions
  • A produce auction is a wholesale market outlet for local farm and greenhouse products. Fresh produce, as well as a variety of other agricultural products, is offered for sale to the highest bidder. For more information about produce auctions, visit the University of Kentucky Center for Crop Diversification website: https://www.uky.edu/ccd/marketing/market-resources/wholesale/produceauctions.
  • The following produce auctions operated in Kentucky during 2020:
    • Bath County Produce Auction
    • Casey County Produce Auction
    • Fairview Produce Auction (Christian County)
    • Hart County Produce Auction
    • Lincoln County Produce Auction
    • Speck Ridge Produce Auction (Taylor County)
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